Jet-Black Racing #25


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STARTED YOUNG from 1967 to 2019 and still continues!!!

I have been involved with Auto racing since the age of ten. When I

started cleaning and re packing bearings. On John Curriers

Stock car, My sisters Carols  boyfriend in 1967. John drove a Red #25 1949

Ford  That's where i met the Currier bros. Mike,Pat and Bill

they taught me a lot at a young age. I remember they always made time for


me and showed me how to work on there stock car and  Super stock. We had


1957 Ford Bought from John Biggs and a 1966 Ford Fairlane


But on race day i had to sit in the stands until i was 16 then finally i got to go


into the pits.  Working on the #25 superstock 1969 Ford Torino. Note the# 25


This is were my Number on my old timer comes from.   My tribute to the


Currier Bros. From John (Driving)  Mike (building engines) To Pat Currier a


Special friend who spent a lot of time teaching me to drive at the age of 16

in his 67 chev p/u. And gave me my first tool box, when i got my first car and


you know i still have a lot of those Tool still today... As years  went by i got to


crew for many race cars Dave Dalby for a bit, Roy Haslam in the late 70's


early 80's open comp. days. Roy Haslam (Hasy) Taught me a lot in my driving


of different Tracks And car set up.


Teaching me what car is doing on track and how to make it better.


Learning  a lot from my other sister Donna's boyfriend  later Husband Denny


(Ol guy) Rand, Who became the closest to a real brother that i've ever had. I


really miss him dearly. He taught me a lot on how to make the Adjustments i

needed building engines the guy I could always talk to he would listen always

helping me on the car.   I crewed  for Rob Scott in the 80's When he ran super

stockand my first taste of Old timers he ran Milt Barnes  Black

#32. He looked like he had so much fun running that car.

 So you know  the old story what comes around goes around

in 1990 Mike Currier came  and asked me if i wanted to

 drive his old timer. In the past i drove a bit of stock car

some claimers and demo. (1995 got to drive an IMCA modified)  It did  take


long to say yes and drive his #21 1933 Oldsmobile  So after the first year i was


so pumped I bought my own  old timer 33 Dodge off  Rick and Gary Haskell. 


Now 20 years  later here im still running the same Oldtimer. This year 2011


with  an A&A performance Chassis  The body for my Oldtimer 1933 Dodge  was


pulled out of  blackberry bushes in Sooke by Ross Rockett who by the way


started this great OTRA Club with Dave Ireland and Norm Wilcox  in 1977. also


the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Ross Rockett and Norm Wilcox also


 Started the Wilroc sprint car class winged and non winged you see running


now. Norm worked for Coca-Cola back when i was 13 put me too work


swapping moving cases of pop He paid me $20.00 a day at 13 that

was great!!! some spending money. He didn't have to... but he

did and taught me what work means!!! and how hard work is...

 I have a list of Drivers who i always looked up to.

Bill Price who drove Stock cars super stocks and  also drove Oldtimers. 


Bill gave me my first job out of school building houses at 18 years old.


Bill was a hard hard worker he also taught me something in being


proud of what you build.We built some great houses on Triangle Mountain


But working on cars it was in my blood!! From 10 years old to now ( no


comments) 43 years working on cars. Last 24 at Rand Automotive....

 Driver Ross Surgenor who
would come and pick me up (when i was age12) in

 his Dump truck at my parents house and i would spend the odd day with him.

 In the summer at that age... wow it was fun riding shot gun.

Driver Roy Haslam  like i said earlier who taught me the most about driving a


race car. Crewing and traveling all over the Pacific Northwest racing. He also


taught me how to race Western Speedway and told me how he  ran Stateline


speedway in Idaho.  Where i got my very first win in Mikes #21 Oldtimer. And


25yrs later in 2014 i got my 41st Main event win in OTRA... Two more of my all


time favorite drivers are Gary Kershaw who I've tried to copy his style but its


so hard to do he was  very smooth and relaxed looking when he drove. One of,


Or the best driver  to come out of Victoria.  Gary is in the Victoria Auto racing


Hall  of fame also Just went into BC sports hall of Fame in 2010. Way to go




Gary is one of the nicest guys on this earth. And very proud to now be his

Brother in law. weird how things work out in your life. I have no words to say

how special this guy is to me.


 Herchel McGriff wow what can you say about this guy

look him up on Nascar history on the web, Started racing Daytona beach

raced against Lee & Richard Petty and other greats. Lived

 in Portland. Raced at Western Speedway a lot in the70's

and 80's where we became friends  and in  2009 ran a Nascar race and


he's in his mid 80's. I hope i can race that long........Even though opportunities


Never came my way for driving Sprints or super stocks My Fun in OTRA


racing continue... oh yea it is one of the best Racing Clubs out there!! And in


2010 i became a committee member of The Victoria Hall of Fame and in

2012 I became President of the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame

2016 & 2017 OTRA President

 And we go on!! ...The 2016 was a great year for me my 49th year involved in racing. Had 5 main event wins almost matching my 1995 season of 7 I had wins at first time tracks Yakima Speedway Washington and Douglas County Speedway Roseburg Oregon. Also  3 at Western Speedway my home track. Winning the Ron Mayell Memorial long time OTRA member and Flagman at Western and Denny Rand Memorial my Brother in-law who we lost to soon He was a big part of my racing and being apart of this great sport of Auto Racing I am so Honored to win these 2 races but 2016 is over. And hard to believe 2017 coming up another year older maybe wiser But still racing..  wow believe it this will be my 50th year being involved with racing and going to Western Speedway. 2017 Another 4 wins this year bring me to 53 OTRA main event wins. I am one away from being tied for the all time lead. 2017 saw me add 2 more cars to Jet Black Racing Have oldest Daughter Kaylyn Jenson #16 Buick and my Son Chris Jenson in #17 Chrysler Coupe both having a good start in the OTRA club. Looking forward two  the up coming 2018 season 

2018 season 

Three car teams lots of work Both#16 Kaylyn and #17Chris did well few fender benders but all in all they did well.  Another good year 3 wins really fast car this year Had fast time quite a few times  could have been more wins  but thats racing Backed bar into wall lots of damage close racing action saw me backwards a few times But all good Won the Drivers Memorial Trophy First time presented this year honoring past drivers in our Class long time member Bob Exton was honored this year. Became the all time OTRA main event leader with my 55th and 56th main event wins Championship race was rained out had fast time before rain came Would like to thank Lucas Oil Rand Automotive Lordco auto parts Howies car corral and my Wife Vee who won her battle againt Breast Cancer long hard summer of ups and downs The ends of the Season sees me stepping down from President of OTRA get some new blood in this great club 2019 sees me with 3 cars again JET BLACK RACING #25 #16 and #17 returning for another great year of racing  






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